Protecting Sherwood Forest

From 38Degrees: “Sherwood forest, home to ancient trees, rare wildlife and Robin Hood is in danger. A huge energy company, Ineos, is trying to get permission to explore underneath it for gas. Britain’s most famous woodland could soon be filled with lorries, heavy machinery and explosions. A government agency, called the Forestry Commission, can decide […]

Rewilding Britain

Thanks to an article in the latest issue of The Green Parent magazine, where living close to nature is a key topic, we have just discovered the website Rewilding Britain. Founded as a practical follow up to George Monbiot‘s 2013 book Feral, it is a wonderful source of information about how and why rewilding our environment is essential […]

The Cross Of The Moment

Imagine a world weaned off fossil fuels; where we reverse or at least halt the catastrophic effects of human induced climate change by putting a stop to vast mono-cultures, land degradation, de-forestation, industrialised meat production and so on; where industrialisation is no longer necessary and where capitalism no longer holds us in it’s strangulating grasp…