Changing The Map For Human Healing

The viability of the UK’s NHS (National Health Service) system being able to continue in our imagined ‘better future’ is something that’s been on my mind for a while. It’s a tricky one to bring up because so many folk are passionate about supporting the NHS and seem unable to comprehend the idea that it may not […]

Tomorrow Today

Need some inspiration on how to live better and reassurance that a kinder, fairer, more sustainable, renewable world is possible and happening NOW? Check out this trailer for a beautiful looking film called Tomorrow by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent. From the film’s website The film | Demain: “Showing solutions, telling a feel-good story… this may be […]

Dare To Dream

“…This is not the time to be “realistic” in the narrow conventional sense, because if we think like this we do not even have to begin. It is not the time to think about slow incremental change, but to think about complete revolution, to dare a lot, dream big and see the most beautiful vision of what our world can be. This is what it is to be radical in times of such tremendous transformation…”

The Cross Of The Moment

Imagine a world weaned off fossil fuels; where we reverse or at least halt the catastrophic effects of human induced climate change by putting a stop to vast mono-cultures, land degradation, de-forestation, industrialised meat production and so on; where industrialisation is no longer necessary and where capitalism no longer holds us in it’s strangulating grasp…

Dig Deep

Last Friday, I experienced my first direct racist confrontation since I was at primary school – that’s some thirty-four years ago! Whilst there may have been subtle and not so subtle insinuations and discrimination based on ignorance, assumptions and fear over that time, this experience was more akin to little Wayne shouting “Go home Paki” […]