Imagine if the world you live in was exactly as you want it to be. Take a breath. Take a moment to go there, to that perfect world… Imagine it is real. What does it feel like? Smell like? Taste like? What sounds do you hear and which images play out before your eyes…

Imagine that in this world, the words we speak reflect our truest hopes and dreams. Imagine that all our actions are inspired by love, kindness and an innate desire to improve and protect the lives of all beings on this planet. Imagine that we truly appreciate nature and spend more time simply being in it.

Imagine that in this world, the things we consume are created to the best possible standards with sustainability and environmental protection given the highest considerations alongside efficient functionality and beauty. Imagine that we value happiness, contentment and peace above economic growth. Imagine that we trust our children and ourselves to learn what we need to know without forcing ourselves into institutions which no longer serve us.

Imagine that the materials and provenance of everything we buy/source/wear has been carefully considered taking into account how animals, people and wildlife are affected by their production and how each item will affect us when we eat/use/wear and then dispose of it. Imagine that instead of waiting impatiently for politicians and governments to ‘fix’ the problems we encounter on a daily basis, we take it upon ourselves to make the changes necessary, working together as local and wider communities.

Imagine that most of the food we eat is home-grown, either in our own gardens or community food spaces or further afield. Imagine that there are no borders between countries. Imagine that instead of looking to ‘news’papers, magazines, ‘celebrities’ and t.v. for guidance on how we ought to be living, we look inwards to our own innate wisdom and around us to those who are clearly demonstrating and enjoying the kind of life we wish to live.

Imagine that, in this world, we use healthy nutrition as medicine to help cure our aches, pains and other ills. Imagine that there is no more junk food, ever. Imagine that we are all able to spend more time dealing with personal issues, emotional, mental and physical challenges instead of ignoring them in the endless quest to earn money, to pay bills, to shop, to work at jobs that don’t inspire us (or anyone else) to earn money, to pay bills and so on…

Imagine that we all receive an income that allows us to spend more of our time doing worthwhile tasks, like caring for and playing with our children, growing food for ourselves and our communities, helping others in our families and communities when they are in need, spending time with the lonely, creating art, music and other forms of beauty. Imagine that the jobs we do are chosen by us, suited to our skills and interests and fit happily around our chosen lifestyles.

Imagine that we can live anywhere we wish to on this beautiful planet and so can everyone else. Imagine that we all accept each other as equals, recognising the divine within each of us, regardless of physical, cultural, social, gender or other differences…

This is the world we are imagining into existence knowing that the things we focus on are the things which will manifest into reality. If you imagine a better world too, share your ideas with us and join us on this journey to a fairer, kinder, happier, more worthwhile future. A tomorrow that starts today…

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