Healthcare Update: Doctor In The House

In our last post, Changing The Map For Human Healing, we imagined a world in which healthcare providers offered a more individual, client centred and health focused service than the current standard offered (at least in the ‘Western’ world).

We proposed a reality in which health professionals are skilled in health practices as well as in dis-ease and are thus able to support their patients’ wellbeing focusing on individually tailored nutritional plans, specific exercise programmes, meditative practices, breathwork, lifestyle changes and so on. And this process, of course, begins with a deep listening to and attempt to understand the needs of the patient.

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, in the BBC programme, Doctor In The House, is a living example of this kind of healthcare service. His practice involves all of the above – listening to and spending time with his patients, then suggesting lifestyle and nutritional changes to begin with. He then follows up with referrals where necessary to other professionals such as counsellors, fitness experts, nutritionists and so on.

Series 1 was a joy to watch and this current series 2 is wonderful too. The first two episodes have brought me to tears whilst watching Dr. Chatterjee take the time to provide answers and solutions to issues which have put a hold on patients’ lives for years. In Episode 1, Gemma suffers with agonising cluster headaches and her struggle reminded me so much of my own with trigeminal neuralgia and how it potently affects relationships and family.

We hope the series inspires more doctors and health practitioners to change their practice in this way, whenever possible and that everyone is inspired to know that there are answers out there to our health issues even if our currently time poor doctors say otherwise, offer only pharmaceutical sticking plasters or even fail to make a diagnosis due to lack of time and information.

Here’s what Dr. Chatterjee has to say about our current health services and why they need to change.

“I’ve worked as a doctor for 16 years and I’m taking a stand. The way we practise medicine is wrong….well, half wrong at least! It all started when I began to realise that I was genuinely only helping about 20% of my patients in my busy GP surgery.

Then, when my six month old son became ill from a preventable vitamin deficiency something snapped. I had to find a whole new way, not just of taking care of my family and my patients, but to get to the bottom of what MAKES us ill and KEEPS us healthy.

I want to share what I’ve learned, so that you can take back control of your own health…”

You can read more on the website, Dr Chatterjee and we highly recommend downloading his 4 Pillars of Good Health guide. We look forward to the day when practices such as his become standard. Imagine… x


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