Rewilding Britain

Thanks to an article in the latest issue of The Green Parent magazine, where living close to nature is a key topic, we have just discovered the website Rewilding Britain. Founded as a practical follow up to George Monbiot‘s 2013 book Feral, it is a wonderful source of information about how and why rewilding our environment is essential to protect and re-invigorate the health of our landscapes, as well as to ensure the ability of human beings to thrive as part of that perpetually regenerating environment.

RewildingBritain RiverWandleThe site features current rewilding projects such as the River Wandle in South London where a highly polluted waterway has been cleaned up and with the help of local communities, wildlife, such as trout and eels, are being re-introduced.

Rewilding Britain delights in a vision of our country (and ultimately our planet) where instead of heartlessly and mindlessly desecrating wildlife and natural landscapes (our ecosystems) in the name of economic growth and human survival above all else, we create space in or hearts, minds and landscapes for the reintroduction of lost species, where we respect and revere our natural environment and adapt into it allowing both it and us to thrive.

RewildingBritain MooseElk

Just as it is for ImagineInspire, greater wellbeing for all, seems to be the ultimate goal. Although there are many projects underway, we are some considerable distance from reaching this goal and the huge task that lies between hope and realisation involves a radical altering of mindsets and perspectives, particularly in the world of farming and food production as well as land ownership and management.

It seems apparent however, that more and more individuals, families, groups and wider communities are investigating and embracing the concepts of rewilding, simplification, living closer to nature and working with the land and nature instead of against it. As we share and experiment with these ideas, the promise of wellbeing for all, draws ever closer. Imagine… x

From Rewilding Britain:

“Imagine our natural habitats growing instead of shrinking. Where space for nature is expanding beyond small pockets of reserves. Imagine species diversifying and thriving, instead of declining. That’s rewilding.

RewildingBritainGreyWolfWe could be a country in which bare lands spring back to life and are filled once more with trees and birdsong. We could be surrounded by the thrum of insects, colourful butterflies and moths, wildflowers and fungi. We could have beaver, boar, lynx, wolf and bluefin tuna all at home in Britain. Where they belong. Living with us. And that’s just the start.

Rewilding offers hope for wildlife, for humanity, for the planet. It’s our big opportunity to leave the world in a better state than it is today. To turn our silent spring into a raucous summer…”


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