The Ice Man Cometh

A few months back, I came across Wim Hof and his breath work practices, whilst researching natural pain relief methods. I have been practising his recommendation to take a cold shower (at least towards the end of a warm one) to help ease the pains of the Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) flare up I’ve been experiencing these last 3 years.

More recently, thanks to a link on the fabulously informative Healing Josefine YouTube channel, I found the videos below of Wim talking on the Joe Rogan Experience in October 2015 and again last October (2016). Wim talks so much sense about how the human body can heal itself given the right conditions as well as how we all, regardless of our physical state, can improve our personal wellbeing and subsequently the wellbeing of those around us, by learning how to (re)connect with our inner bodily systems and reprogram them.

Wim seems convinced that if/when his work is widely and commonly accepted, it will be capable of causing a paradigm shift in consciousness as well as expanding human physical capabilities, whilst drastically improving our health systems. His arguments, personal evidence and continued scientific experiments are convincing and rather inspiring.

The idea of a world in which we are able to access and manifest our own health and healing is something wonderful to work towards. As Wim advocates, we could all be strong, healthy and happy. Imagine… x

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