Us and Them

In this video, Charles Eisenstein ponders our ingrained habit of separating ourselves from the world around us and the plethora of beings in it, by referring to the world and people/beings who are not us, as ‘other(s)’, different and distinct from us. This allows us to imagine that we are right and ‘they’ are wrong; we are better, more moral, more worthy than ‘them’. Thus, we invoke a constant stream of enemies with whom it seems necessary to fight and rally against.

He suggests that instead of perpetuating this old story, this old way of thinking and being, that we ask ourselves the question, ‘What is it like to be you?’.

What is it like to be one of those people who we feel compelled to view with disdain; those we consider our natural or cultural enemies; those pulling the strings of the system that hold us down when we need to fly? What is it like to be nature itself – a river, a blade of grass, a dragon-fly or carrot?

When we begin to walk in the shoes of ‘others’ and see ourselves as the same as ‘them’, as part of the same planetary ecosystem, we lose the need for constant enemies and find ourselves able to connect with those ‘others’ and re-connect with our true selves. Rather than wasting precious energy fighting imagined enemies, we are then free to create the world we choose to live in and transform our suffering into growth.

Imagine… x

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