History Is Now…

The only constant in our universe is change. Change is happening, whether we like it or not, right now. Everything we think we know, history, politics, science, culture, knowledge itself and how we utilise it, is open to change and adaptation.

Each one of us has the ability to produce, cultivate and enable changes on both the intimate level – our personal lives, relationships, health, lifestyle and so on, as well as the seemingly external levels – our culture, politics, history, language and more.

The changes we want to see in our world are possible and are already taking place. It is not up to others – governments, corporations and whomever else we deem to be ‘in control’, to make these changes. It is up to us. We are the Change Makers. We are the game players. And it all starts with a little imagination.

As 2017 takes shape around us, what will it feel like if we use our imagination to inspire and bring into effect the kind of year we want to experience, the kind of lifestyle we wish to lead, the kind of world we want to live in, the kind of future we wish for our children?

What will happen if we focus on these things – the people, events, projects, moments, small or large, that allow us to feel connection, joy, a sense of wellbeing and purpose; the ‘positive’ things that are already here and those quietly waiting to be ‘discovered’?

Taking back the sense of our own power and abilities, bravely recognising and facing our shadows with open minds, using them to transform our selves, we will be inspired and encouraged to build and build and build on our imaginings until we recognise our dreams as the reality they have become.

The short film below, from The School Of Life, beautifully demonstrates how it is possible for us to change our world.

Dreaming of a happy, prosperous, love-filled, open-hearted, healthy and imaginative new year for us all!

Imagine… x

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