The Cross Of The Moment

Whilst sewing some crafty bits and bobs today, I managed to watch two potent documentary films both available free at Films For Action. The first, On Modern Servitude (2009), is a rather bleak portrayal of how we, as members of what we like to call ‘civilization’, are merely slaves to the systems on which this civilization is constructed and depends. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re feeling a bit low or prone to fearsome anger as many of us seem to be at the moment. Do please wait until you feel more composed and ready to take positive action but need a sultry reminder of what it is we so urgently need to change in modern society and why the current systems, capitalism in particular, do not, and perhaps never have, served us.

If time allows, I would highly recommend a view of the second documentary I watched, The Cross Of The Moment (2015), soon afterwards, as it provides a more up to date vision of the challenges of our times, focusing predominantly on climate changes and how these have already and will continue to affect human life on our planet. Importantly, if offers valid ideas and visions of how we can forge our way through these often difficult and confusing times by changing the way we live, both on the personal and more vitally, on community levels.

Despite it’s notable lack of women experts (why is this?), Jill Stein (US Green Party leader) providing the only female voice, I think this film offers practical hope whilst not diluting the intensity of the mess we have got ourselves into. Radical changes are needed but these are more than possible if we come together as the extra ordinary people we are and work on putting the solutions, already out there, to use.

Imagine a world weaned off fossil fuels; where we reverse or at least halt the catastrophic effects of human induced climate change by putting a stop to vast mono-cultures, land degradation, de-forestation, industrialised meat production and so on; where industrialisation is no longer necessary and where capitalism no longer holds us in it’s strangulating grasp.

Imagine instead a world where local communities build, own and run their own power sources (wind, solar, water and whatever else we dream up when we are able to take the space and time to do so); where organic food grown along the lines of permaculture systems is the norm; where meat is eaten infrequently and only raised to the highest ethical and nutritional standards; where land is shared equally amongst inhabitants and managed well to support people, nature and wildlife; where forests and trees are replanted and maintained, providing vital habitats and natural flood defences, producing oxygen and carbon storage; where we are free to practise living for the sake of living, loving and learning instead of the accumulation of material goods and money.

Imagine… x

Info: Films For Action | On Modern Servitude | The Cross Of The Moment

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